WowPorn Compilations

As scene in every research video I placed a basic overlay with our site name in the lower right corner. There is probably a better place as the raw clips seem to use this location. We should consider a logo.

4 layer- basic text for site network and sub sites
screen splitter 2 on intro with marked music – generic videos that will need adjusted for position and polish – I need to practice this as it is a bit tricky
4 layer basic text transitions – looking at different fonts and stuff.
The scenes just have jumps (I prefer cross dissolves – looks less choppy – used on the better sites)
basic exit with statement.

No special effects added here

When its decided on what is wanted for the basic pieces I would like to add in some effects



split screen with color desaturation . test



I used a bunch of different effects here to se what we like.

Basic intro . 0:04 – 0:06
audio marking
slow motion – 25% . 1:11. 2:09
slow motion – 10% . 2:35. 3:03
multiple headings with scene and actor info . 3:04
full audio overlay
freeze frame . 3:27. 3:31
later in the video – text transition
section without transitions – just scene jumps as requested
exit text . 4:16



This one is more of the style that was suggested by Mike

Intro with logo and text 4 sec
black background with title text – and actors name . 0:05 – 0:07
no transitions – just scene jumps
no music during clips
1 slow motion section . 2:55. 3:52
exit 4:36

(Actors Name in video by source)